Japan, Sencha Saemidori Spring Harvest

Japan, Sencha Saemidori Spring Harvest

The Saemidori, or « clear green » cultivar results from the crossbreeding of the asatsuyu and yabukita cultivar. This cultivar is native to Kagoshima and is characterized by a fresh, citrusy aroma as well as a bright green liquor and a sweet flavor with deep Umami.

To add to the natural sweetness of its cultivar, this Sencha is composed of leaves grown in a field covered from the sun 11 days before harvest to allow for the extraction of mellow flavors after infusion.

Our organic first flush Saemidori is produced on the foot of the Kirishima volcanic mountain range by Mr. Nishi, one of the best producers in Kagoshima. Its glossy emerald green leaves are kneaded into elegant needle shapes, allowing for the added pleasure of viewing beautiful leaves before tasting a delicious tea.


Watertemperatuur: 70 à 80°C
Geef de theeblaadjes voldoende ruimte zodat ze zich kunnen openen (ruime filter)
3 à 5 min of langer laten trekken
Dezelfde thee kan zonder kwaliteitsverlies meerdere achtereenvolgende malen opgeschonken worden


Bereid deze kwaliteitsthee steeds met een goede kwalieit bronwater zoals Mont Roucous of Spa Reine


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